Welcome to your next-generation operating system.

Discover the future of desktop computing with tauOS, currently in development. tauOS is designed with ease of use in mind, featuring human-centric design, an unbreakable core, and a syncing service that synchronizes files, configurations, keys, and more across all your devices.

An example gaming setup, displaying CrossCode and Steam

You name it, tau runs it

From Audacity to Zoom

tauOS supports a large selection of software. From native apps in Catalogue and Flathub, to professional software like DaVinci Resolve, and many popular games on Steam. tauOS empowers you to do your best.

All of your stuff, on all of your devices

Continuity at the core

tauOS' included sync tool allows your work to span across multiple devices. Start writing on your laptop on the train, and continue where you left off on your desktop at home. We sync your settings, files, and clipboard automatically. So you can spend more time doing what you love, and less time setting things up.

A syncing digram, visually describing how tauOS syncs data between devices


Your power went out during an update. The system has been rolled back and your data is safe.

Error code: NONE

Resiliency built in

Install once, reinstall never

tauOS features an unbreakable core, allowing you to experiment and simply reboot to return your system to normal. If an update broke something (we doubt it will) you can easily revert to a previous version. Reinstalling is a thing of the past!

An ecosystem that awes.

A coherent experience for users and developers

tauOS provides a top-tier developer experience through the full proccess of building an app. With our tools, developers can build one app that runs across devices, add their app to our store, distribute it to users, and make money. Giving users powerful apps, designed with them in mind. Developing for tauOS is a win-win!

An image of an IDE for developing apps for tauOS

End to end encryption

A blurred image of a person, intended to represent end-to-end encryption in a visual (and user understandable) way

Privacy as a first class citizen

Because we don't care what you do on your computer

We believe strongly in the right to privacy. Your data is protected by industry-standard encryption, barring even us from seeing them. tauOS also includes security features to protect your privacy, like disk encryption, an immutable core, and virus resistance*.

Radically open.

Because you deserve freedom

tauOS is open source, meaning anyone can see, remix, or add to the code. Our code and minds are open to ideas we haven't thought of. From community suggestions, to fixing an annoying bug, we are open.

Ready for a next generation desktop?

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