Get Involved

tauOS is built by our community, which is much larger than just Fyra Labs. Learn about how you can get involved, and build something great with us.

Chat with us

Our community is primarily based on Discord, but we do have a bridge to Matrix. While most of the discussion is related to tauOS and Fyra Labs, we also have a vibrant community that talks about other things, such as general technology.

Contribute code

All of our code is open and developed the the community. Have a feature or bug that you'd like to work on? Go for it. While we primarily track development on our GitHub issues, we also discuss development in our chats, so please join those too.

Translate to your language

We want to offer tauOS in as many languages as possible. You can help us localize tauOS on our Weblate, a service that lets you translate our software, without having to get into the weeds of the code.

Follow us on social media

We post lots of sneak peaks and updates on our Twitter and Mastodon accounts. Be sure to follow us to stay updated with the progress of tauOS.

Subscribe to our blog

We post updates and technical deep-dives on our blog "Cats on a Keyboard." Subscribe to it to stay updated with our progress, in a more long-form format.